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Dupioni Silk Fabric

It is a crisp and luxurious fabric that is known for its slubbed texture and unique appearance.

Dupioni is a plain weave silk fabric, produced using fine yarn in the warp and uneven yarn reeled from two or more entangled cocoons in the weft.

Taffeta Silk Fabric

Taffeta (archaically spelled taffety or taffata) is a crisp, smooth, plain woven fabric made from silk.

Taffeta is made using the plain-weave technique, which has a single weft thread going over and under a single warp thread, creating a checkerboard pattern.

Shantung Silk Fabric

Shantung is a type of silk fabric with characteristic irregular ridges known as slubs.

Despite its subtly irregular texture (less than Dupioni), fabric connoisseurs consider shantung to be the gold standard of silk fabrics, and this textile is a popular choice for high-end wedding gowns.

Chiffon Silk Fabric

Chiffon from the French word chiffe which means "cloth or rag" .It is a lightweight, balanced plain-woven sheer fabric.

Chiffon is a weaving process that produces a lightweight, plain weave fabric with a slight shine. The chiffon weave results in small puckers that make the fabric a little rough to the touch.

Printed Silk Fabric

Printed Silk taffeta is considered to be a "high-end" fabric. It is also widely used to make: Bed curtains, Cushion covers, Bed sheets, Bed skirts,

Bed spreads, Chair upholstery, Costume, Craftssuitable for use in interior decoration for curtains or wallcoverings. It yields a more starched-like type of cloth that holds its shape better than many other fabrics.

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