Roman S393 Silk Shantung Fabric
Roman S393 Silk Shantung Fabric
Silk Shantung has hardly any slubs, and those that it does have will be much smaller in thread width than a silk dupioni. As the lighter of the two with visible striations, Shantung Fabric is considered a midpoint between a drapable Charmeuse Silk and stiff Dupioni. In addition, while the silk shantung will still have a fair amount of body and that lovely crispness, it will usually be much thinner than the dupioni and will therefore be suitable to more delicate garments. Silk shantung can almost appear flowing,and is the perfect “happy-medium” silk fabric.

Model: Roman S393 Silk Shantung Fabric
Length: 1 yard
Width: 40 inches
Composition: 100% Silk

Along with attire for men, shantung can also be used for dresses and skirts for women. As a material that is heavy enough to drape nicely but not so heavy as to feel cumbersome, it can be used with pleated designs, A-line skirts, and just about any length that is desired. Like the men’s suits and sports jackets, dresses and skirts made of this fabric do require dry cleaning, but are also resistant to many types of staining.The crisp texture goes a long way toward giving any garment made with the material a sharp look that manages to retain a playful air as well.

If you buy more than 1 yard, it will come in 1 continuos piece uncut.
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